Corporal Wood Therapy in Marbella

Natural beauty and wellness

The body treatment with wood is used to drain the localised adiposity, so that the figure is reduced and modelled. This body massage is also used to relax and reduce the level of stress, treat contractures and, in general, relieve muscular and joint discomfort.

Its effectiveness derives from the effect produced by the wood applied directly to the skin. It provides effective nervous and bioenergetic stimulation by deepening each muscle, which achieves an intense and pleasant relaxation that eliminates pain.

“Each utensil has a special design that allows the stimulation of the different adipose layers of the skin. The treatment activates microcirculation in the treated area, which eliminates fluid retention, and is therefore very effective in combating the appearance of orange peel.”

The lipo-reducing and draining effect of wood therapy is remarkable. It perfectly complements other draining-reducing or anti-cellulite body treatments simply by using wood massage instead of traditional massage in each of the treatment protocols.

Used in cases of fluid retention, oedema, oedematous cellulite and to combat heavy and tired legs, its application manages to detach the fat surrounding the muscles and mobilise it to the lymphatic system, which will expel these adipocytes from the body in a natural way.

It is especially indicated to treat stubborn and localised fat, as well as hard and nodular cellulite. It effectively shapes the waist, the back, the thighs, tones and lifts the buttocks.

It renews the skin’s emulsified mantle, a natural mechanism that helps maintain the degree of hydration and the “velvet” appearance of the skin, thus making it possible to recover smoothness and achieve visible rejuvenation.

Maderoterapia corporal en Marbella - Beauty Salon Leila
Maderoterapia corporal en Marbella - Beauty Salon Leila

How is a wood therapy session at Beauty Salon Leila?

At Beauty Salon Leila, the wood therapy session begins with a massage that prepares the skin to remove accumulated fat. Our expert then applies the necessary essential oils to the treated area, which have reducing properties that penetrate the skin through a new massage.

Afterwards, we carry out the massage with the wooden utensils in each section of those that form the treated area, using the appropriate one in each case or point of the treatment.

To finish the session, we apply the special oils and creams to shape the figure, as they contain properties that help reduce oil, reaffirm and tone the skin.

Which body areas can be treated with wood therapy?

There are five areas in particular for wood therapy treatment, which are in turn divided into sections: Legs, arms, buttocks, waist-abdomen and the back area.

What tools are used in a wood therapy treatment?

The instruments are handcrafted in wood, designed to fit the different areas of the body. Wood, considered one of the five elements of nature by Eastern cultures, is recognized for its many therapeutic benefits.

Each of them has a specific purpose within the treatment and are applied through different movements depending on the instrument, the area or the moment of treatment. At Beauty Salon Leila we mainly use:

  • Grooved roller. This tool acts at the level of the dermis. Its function is to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, causing hyperemia. Its use is indicated in reducing, reaffirming and relaxing anti-cellulite treatments.
  • Diamond tipped roller: Which acts at the hypodermis level, activating lipolysis and progressively reducing the size of the adipocytes. It is indicated in anti-cellulite and firming treatments.
  • Cube roller: This roller acts at the level of the hypodermis, helping to dissolve the deepest fat. It is a specific tool in the treatment of areas with a large volume of fat, such as the lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks.
  • Moulding table: Thanks to its anatomical shape, it is mainly used for shaping and firming up contours. It causes internal vibrations that firm up the skin, making it ideal for the inner thigh, upper knee, waist and arms.
  • Swedish cup: This tool creates a vacuum that facilitates deep drainage, dragging the waste produced during treatment.
  • “Mushroom” cup: which stimulates blood circulation, oxygenating the tissues. It is relaxing for the muscles and helps to shape the figure.
Maderoterapia corporal en Marbella - Beauty Salon Leila