Deep cleaning

Treatment to remove impurities from the skin

Deep facial cleansing complements and, likewise, completes any facial cleansing we perform in our homes.

If you are interested in an anti-aging treatment, it should not be confused with a deep facial because they have different purposes; the purpose of deep cleansing is to make your skin shine and achieve a thorough cleansing.

Basic facial cleansing has three distinct parts: cleansing, massage, and skin nutrition.

During the cleansing process, different personalized products are applied to eliminate the fat produced by our cells.

Later, steam is applied allowing it to open the pores and remove any black spots or impurities more easily.

The massage consists of facial stimulation to close the pores and relax the skin using the lotion that our staff believes most convenient for you.

When you move on to the nutrition phase, our staff applies a mask with different nutritional properties to balance your skin as, for example, if it is a very dry skin, applying May level of moisturizer.

Limpieza facial profunda en Beauty Salon Leila