Facial Radiofrequency

Increased collagen production by raising skin temperature

Radiofrequency treatment consists of the application of electromagnetic pulses as a substitute for surgical lifting and any other cosmetic surgery.

It promotes healing, reduces fat and tightens the skin.

This treatment is recommended from the age of 25, which is when our collagen production begins to be affected.

It is a treatment with minimal side effects and with which to notice great results in a matter of a few sessions.

First we proceed to clean the skin by applying an exfoliant to eliminate any dead cells, then a cream rich in collagen is applied to the face and then apply the radiofrequencies that help our skin absorb the collagen from this cream. finally, we apply a tightening mask that provides freshness to the skin and a better result.


  • You can sunbathe without any problem.
  • Avoid the use of surgeries.
  • Allows greater production of collagen.
  • Stretching of expression wrinkles in the place applied.
  • Painless method.
  • Unnecessary recovery time.
  • Skin moisturizer thanks to collagen.
Radiofrecuencia facial en Beauty Salon Leila