Paramedical Micropigmentation


As in aesthetic or facial micropigmentation, paramedical micropigmentation is a treatment that consists in the introduction of inorganic pigments of mineral origin (which is what differs from tattooing) at the level of the epidermis, which is the most superficial layer of the skin.

Paramedical and oncological micropigmentation is a technique that can change the patient’s life, restoring his self-esteem.

Paramedical micropigmentation is normally used to improve small areas of the skin, whose color has been altered by different factors, such as scars from accidents or surgical interventions, burns, grafts, vitiligo, and so on.

Oncological construction of mammary aureole


Reconstructive Areola tattooing is a technique that helps post-mastectomy patients by creating a nipple and areola on the new reconstructed breast.

The high incidence of breast cancer in the female population places micropigmentation in the position of unquestionable psychological help for afflicted women, since it allows the total redrawing of non-existent areola when the original areola has been removed during mastectomies. By means of re-pigmentation we can create an optical illusion of a 3D areola and nipple, making the breast look natural.

In consultation with the patient, we provide a design for them to approve before undergoing treatment.

Leila realizando una micropigmentación a una cliente
Pezón realizado con micropigmentación paramédica
Micropigmentando un pezón
Pecho sin pezón
Pezón realizado con micropigmentación paramédica Después
Pecho sin pezón Antes
Ocultamiento de cicatriz con micropigmentación

Scar Correction

The use of paramedical micropigmentation for the camouflage of scars after breast reconstruction as a consequence of an operation for medical treatment or for cosmetic surgery of breast augmentation or reduction is a very demanded technique.